The Tribal Zebra....

From the Cultured man Collection by Benóla Crystale.

This is one of our personal favorite pieces. The patterns on the fabric used for this piece have black and white stripes that are similar to the stripes of the African Zebra. The Zebra is known for its distinctive black and white striped coats. Their stripes of the zebra  come in different patterns, unique to each individual animal. The stripes on the zebra are so unique that they can be likened to fingerprints for humans which are never the same. This piece also has a bit of green and a sandy brown which signifies vegetation and fertility. The zigzag stripes on this fabric can be interpreted as scars or traditional tribal marks making this tie an embodiment of pure unique cultural African heritage.


Check out the pictures on this post for your outfit inspiration.

Model: Oselu 

A Full Tribal Zebra Look on one of our Models .

Outfit Details

  • Tribal Zebra Tie 
  • Tribal Zebra Pocket Square 
  • Green Floral Lapel Pin
  • Black Blazer 
  • Black pants 
  • Black Suit Vest